Vitaliy Mashchenko, contemporary artistVitaliy Mashchenko was born in Ukraine in 1975, the son of a talented painter Victor Mashchenko. Vitaliy got all his painting skills from him and is very grateful for the education and skills that were handed down a generation.

As a young artist, he was far from originality and his present style. Looking back his future was probably predetermined, because from an early age he was doing what he loved and it worked out. But he was inexperienced, full of ambitions and yet at the same time full of doubts. So Mashchenko left behind his ambitions in pictorial art and did not paint for many years instead engaged creative side through a career in graphic design.

However, his inner desire to paint stayed strong and he eventually picked up his brushes again and is now back at the easel and painting again. He finds it hard to define what really was the trigger for this change in direction, other than saying that this is where he is happiest as it gives him the pleasure of feeling that he is in his natural state as an artist.

At first, the original doubts resurfaced, there was a fear that all his skills had been forgotten. Yet, during this second rebirth as an artist, he began to use a palette knife and understood that this style of painting was definitely his.


Artist Statement

I am inspired by the natural world, its charm of color, light and form. My goal is not to realistically depict the details of what I see, but to convey a fleeting state, mood, impression. In my paintings, I share my emotions, which I feel from what I see. About my technique I’ll say: I want to show elegance in rough strokes of a brutal palette knife.

Bio / History

Date of birth: 6 Juni 1975.
City of residence: Kharkiv.

1982 – 1992: Middle School.
1993 – 1999: Zaporizhzhya National University.

1994 – 2003: Artist.
2003 – 2006: “Business Neuro Systems”. Designer.
2006 – 2010: “Scorto Solutions”. Designer.
2010 – 2012: “Alyuda Research”. Designer.
2012 – 2012: “Scoring Systems”. Designer.
2012 – 2017: “Scorto Solutions International”. Designer.
2014 – until the present time: Artist.

2016 – Hill House Gallery (England).

Inspired by painting

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