Walking in the big city & Vitaliy Mashchenko
Walking in the big city
Olivia Oli Olivia Аrtisten – Vitaliy Mashchenko
Is VIRTUOS in his work and class

The board is perfectly done

It is not just elegance but it is much more sensual, humble, excellent

It is much more sweet, sensitive – emotional, delicate beautiful, shows the mildest kindest,

Very emotional and empathetic

Iform and construction = in light and in tonality = in segments and in attributes
It is so perfectly recorded and designed described in the best artistic humble way

1. How to play tonality, light, line are:
One to amazing artistic technique with such simplicity easy to announce and inspire even it is finally well represented

2. How to pronounce the tones is
Another sanctified featured most beautiful variety in them – it’s amazingly done.

3. How the combinations themselves emerged is a new opinion for themselves to talk about

Perfect rhythms in color contrast and not just elegance but it’s much more finest played in the symmetry softest line sensuality, humble excellence

4. it is much more than sweet, it is so delicate beautiful, shows the mildest flattering kindest,

It’s a lot for / about / giving feelings and empathy while combination and perfect playful game between good soft shades.
until the end

It is absolutely beautiful, beautifulest, beautiful, softest, perfect beautiful, artistic job.


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